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January 10th, 2018

Last Mile Gets the Royal Treatment | How to Navigate the Driver Shortage | What's the Difference Between Supply Chain Visibility and Transparency?

See how e-commerce retailers are stepping up their delivery game, why the impact of the driver shortage won’t be pretty, and why visibility and transparency are not the same thing.

If youre looking to futureproof your supply chain, MODEX is the place to do it. With 850+ exhibits and education sessions, MODEX 2018 is where youll find the best equipment/system solutions for manufacturing/supply chain challenges. Visit and join us April 9-12, 2018 at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

The Customer Experience: The Last Mile Gets the Royal Treatment

Here’s how e-commerce retailers and service providers are using last-mile fulfillment strategies to win customers’ hearts and minds, and gain a competitive advantage. Read More...

How to Navigate the Driver Shortage

The industry’s driver shortage is here and it is going to impact your freight. Here’s how to become more carrier friendly when truckers are forced to get more selective about the freight they haul. Read More...

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What's the Difference Between Supply Chain Visibility and Transparency?

Visibility gives you facts, while transparency gives you context, and more audience opinions on the fine line between these two terms. Read More...

Optimizing Route Planning to Cut Costs

Ensuring your transportation operation uses vehicles, fuel, and drivers most efficiently should be a high priority. Follow these tips to keep transport costs in check while boosting your bottom line. Read More...

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End-to-end Visibility is Crucial to Shipper Network Optimization

Supply chain visibility is more than just the latest buzzword. What does it mean and what is its value in your supply chain? Read More...

Podcast: Transporting HazMat – Ensuring Safety and Compliance

The responsibility for safely shipping hazardous materials falls evenly across carrier, shipper, and owner-operator to minimize potentially dangerous mishaps. Tune in to hear Mike Cobb, vice president of safety and compliance for Landstar Transportation Logistics, offer useful advice for how you can stay out of the danger zone. Listen Here...

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