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DIALOG | May 23, 2013

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Seeing Technology

Harnessing the Power of Supply Chain Data

Logistics managers are using business intelligence tools to find real meaning in reams of data — and take actions that boost supply chain efficiency and effectiveness. Read full article…

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The All-in-One ERP

Equipping businesses with all the logistics tools they need. Read full article…

Loadboards and Exchanges

Finding the perfect freight match online. Read full article…

Automating Product Recalls

Traceability tools arm shippers with knowledge. Read full article…

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TLC spelled in electronic componentsElectronics Logistics: Tech Transport TLC

Moving delicate, high-value electronics requires choosing packaging and transport modes with tender loving care. Read full article…

Do Your Processes Add Value or Waste?

Added processing that doesn't bring value to goods or services in the customer's eyes creates unnecessary waste. Learn some Lean strategies for avoiding overprocessing. Read full article…

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Catepillar Dump TruckGoing Green to Save Green

Can reducing environmental impact generate significant financial rewards? For heavy-duty equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, the proof is in the profits. Read full article…

Connecting Supply Chains on the Go

Mobile communication tools deliver shipment visibility, worker performance, and asset-tracking data directly to managers, no matter where they are. Read full article…

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Trucks on an Ice RoadAlaska: Logistics at the Global Crossroads

Shipments moving to, from, and through Alaska connect the state's businesses and residents to the rest of the world. Read full article…

Is Slow Steaming Good for the Supply Chain?

Operating ships at lower speeds can reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions, helping shippers reduce their carbon footprint and reinforce their green image. But do the longer transit times actually hurt shippers? Read full article…

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Russian Trans Siberian TrainDeveloping the Trans-Siberian Rail Line

Russia is investing $8 billion to upgrade its Far Eastern rail network. Read full article…

CNG as a Transportation Fuel

While it promises supply chain sustainability gains, using compressed natural gas as a transportation fuel requires multi-step capital and operating considerations. Find out more in this article available exclusively on Read full article…

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