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DIALOG | July 9, 2013

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Men Making Lean Illustration

The Lean Supply Chain: Watching Your Waste Line

For companies working to reduce costs while enhancing performance, the Lean approach is a natural fit. Find out how businesses are slimming down, toning up, and working out efficient materials flow all along the supply chain. Read full article…

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Inventory: What a Waste

Carrying excess inventory ties up valuable capital and warehouse space. Read full article…

Leveraging Lean and Labor Management

Use Lean labor management to increase productivity and reduce costs. Read full article…

A Field of Opportunity

Eight key principles lead to a leaner supply chain. Read full article…

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Woman holding the world in her handsLogistics Education: Ready for the World

With a focus on international operations, logistics students and professionals prepare to manage complex global supply chains. Read full article…

Optimizing Warehouse Operations

When warehouse efficiency lags, products may not arrive at customer destinations on time, orders can get lost, and low inventory levels can result in stockouts. These tips will help your warehouse operate at its best. Read full article…

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Chemical truck on a roadChemical Logistics: New Challenges and New Opportunities

Experienced third-party supply chain partners help chemical shippers build a modern, effective, safe, and efficient chemical supply chain. Download digital edition…

Logistics Staffing: Find a Way or Make One

Can't find the logistics professional you want? Why not train new hires or current employees in the skills you need? Read full article…

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Dino LannoDino Lanno: Best in Glass

As senior vice president of supply chain at Safelite AutoGlass, Dino Lanno steered the company through a supply chain redesign with a clear vision for optimizing operations. Read full article…

Managing Freight Payments

Using a bank to facilitate carrier payment transactions can benefit both shippers and transportation providers. Read full article…

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USA GearIs American-Made on the Mend?

U.S. manufacturing may be re-gaining ground, but export competitiveness remains a challenge. Read full article…

Mexico Loses Its COOL

U.S. country-of-origin labeling (COOL) rules raise fresh concerns for Mexican meat exporters. Read full article…

Get Airborne with Asset Tracking

GPS tracking devices provide shipment visibility, even when cargo is in the air. This article, available exclusively on, explains the benefits of asset tracking tools. Read full article…

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