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DIALOG | August 20, 2013

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Blue Print of 3PL

Supply Chain Remodeling

When supply chains need a fresh look, 3PLs can draft a blueprint for renovation. Here's how four companies and their third-party logistics providers built a plan for success.
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Great Shipper/3PL Partnerships

Working together, these companies achieve supply chain greatness.
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6 Secrets to Finding the Right 3PL

Do your homework to identify the best logistics partner.
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Get expert advice on your supply chain challenges.
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Bridge IllustrationTransportation Infrastructure: Building Hope for the Future

As U.S. industry confronts the realities of a failing transportation system and looming capacity crunch, does MAP-21 offer the promise of improvement?
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Readers’ Choice: Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards

More than 9,000 readers voted for the 3PLs they think are doing the best job. Did your 3PL make this year's list?
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Furniture IllustrationPolishing the Furniture Supply Chain

Faced with mounting logistics challenges, U.S. furniture manufacturers let specialized carriers and white-glove delivery experts handle the heavy lifting.
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One Simple Step for Building a Safer Supply Chain

Joining the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program lets companies take an active role in supporting national security, while improving their own supply chain operations.
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Frack Sand PitGuiding an Energy Renaissance

The emergence of domestically sourced natural gas heralds significant changes in the North American energy market — especially in the way suppliers and producers move product.
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Cintron Quenches Thirst for Order Management System

A Web-based OMS provides a shot of extra juice to energy drink company Cintron's inventory and order management processes.
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Bringing Supply Chain Visibility to the Last Frontier

A Web-based shipping tool helps Classic Alaska Trading Company tame the wilds of its inventory and fulfillment operations.
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10 Supply Chain Game-Changers

Discover 10 supply chain trends that can greatly impact a firm's shareholder value — and can be extremely difficult to implement successfully.
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Freight Oceanliner in BrazilBrazilian Shippers Safer by Sea

Rising crime and infrastructure lapses are driving some Brazilian companies to choose water transport over highway to move goods.
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Preparation: Your Best Asset in Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

When disaster strikes the supply chain, your company will likely be one of many looking to secure what may be scarce alternate sources of supply. Plan ahead to position yourself for success.
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