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DIALOG | September 5, 2013

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B2B Opener Art

B2B Manufacturing: Feeding the Line

When you make materials or components for other companies, their production rhythms become just as important as your own. Read full article…

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Is U.S. Manufacturing Coming Back?

Shifting supply chain perspectives prompt manufacturers to relocate China operations to the United States. Read full article…

The Truth About "Made in the USA"

Automation is driving the viability of renewed domestic production. Read full article…

Asia: Manufacturing Dynamo or Consumer Powerhouse?

Manufacturers and retailers alike are rewiring their global supply chain strategies. Read full article…

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Utility States of AmericaUtilities and Site Selection: Powering U.S. Manufacturing Growth

Ensuring adequate and affordable energy for new manufacturing and distribution facilities can challenge site selection teams. Many energy providers now offer resources to plug them into locations that will help their operations shine. Read full article…

Scantastic Bar-Code Tracking Tools

New product traceability requirements are making bar codes an essential part of many supply chains. Read full article…

Consumer Electronics and Reverse Logistics: Play It Again

With a global perspective, mobile device shippers can access additional markets to maximize recaptured device value. Read full article…

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Hu HuangHu Huang: Bright Light in Global Trade

Hu Huang of Kichler Lighting stays current on trade laws and keeps import/export activities transparent. Read full article…

We're All in This Together

Teamwork plays an essential role in ensuring employee efforts are not wasted in a Lean workplace. Read full article…

WDFG‘s Asian Expansion

Retailer World Duty Free Group will locate a logistics hub in Singapore to support business development in the region. Read full article…

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ForkliftLift Trucks on the Rise

Ready to invest in new and upgraded lift trucks to boost warehouse efficiency? Consider these three trends before making your move. Read full article…

The Government is “Helping” Again

State legislative myopia and oversight threaten private sector competitiveness. Read full article…

10 Trends Driving Greener Supply Chains

Seeking smart ways to reduce supply chain waste and carbon impact? These trends could transform your logistics operations — particularly in emerging markets. Read full article…

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