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DIALOG | December 3, 2013

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Time-Critical Transport: Devising a Master Plan

While companies still frequently use expedited services as a rescue mission when an unplanned event threatens their ability to meet a delivery window, many businesses are choosing time-critical service as a regular part of their transportation management strategies. Read full article…

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It's All in the Timing

Expedited services meet shipper demand for consistent, on-time delivery. Read full article…

Getting into the Grid

Expedited carriers use network engineering, communication tools, and contingency planning to deliver in major cities. Read full article…

Midnight in Memphis

A behind-the-scenes look at FedEx's Memphis hub reveals how the bustling facility operates. Read full article…

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Ducks in a RowVendor Compliance: Setting Them Straight

Drive out efficiencies and boost customer service by aligning with vendors to meet your supply chain goals. Read full article…

Saving Time and Money Through Automation

Automating office functions, shipment tracking, and data exchange can help companies cut costs and improve customer service. Read full article…

Felecia StrattonShining the Light on Pioneers and Prospects

Well-equipped with industry training, new logistics professionals can benefit from emulating their more experienced peers' communication and interpersonal skills. Read full article…

Plan Early for Peak Returns Season

From mid-December to early March, companies handle up to 45 percent of the year's total returns volume. A solid reverse logistics plan can minimize processing costs and maximize recovery values of returned inventory. Read full article…

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Walmart in ChinaPutting Stock in Retail Analytics Tools

For Kleenex maker Kimberly-Clark, managing inventory at Walmart stores in China was nothing to sneeze at — until it found an analytics solution that delivers comprehensive stock data. Read full article…

The Benefits of Shared Borders

Manufacturing in Mexico gives U.S. companies quality control, lower transportation costs, and faster transit times. Read full article…

Compliance Pills for Healthcare LogisticsHealthcare Execs Target Logistics Pain Points

Regulatory compliance is the chief supply chain challenge facing global healthcare logistics executives, closely followed by product security and cost management, according to UPS's annual healthcare survey. Read full article…

Shippers Resist New IMO Container Weight Proposal

The International Maritime Organization's proposal to amend its Safety of Life at Sea Convention — which would require a verified certificate of a container's weight before loading on vessel — has unleashed a tempest of protest among some ocean shipping advocates. Read full article…

Optimized Operations are Green Operations

Ocean shipping lines have made significant progress to optimize operations, leading to reduced costs and environmental impact. Learn more in this article available exclusively on Read full article…

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