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DIALOG | January 21, 2015

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Chasing the Horizon: Countdown to Panama Canal Expansion

As the Panama Canal expansion nears completion, several trends and trade dynamics will determine the impact on U.S. shippers and consignees. Read full article…

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Keeping Intermodal in Your Sites

When selecting manufacturing and distribution sites, companies should ensure rail/intermodal accessibility. Read full article…

Utilities and Site Selection: Power Players

Site selection teams get help from energy providers looking to boost local economic development. Read full article…

E-Commerce DC Site Selection: Connecting the Dots

E-commerce retailers choose specialized distribution centers near parcel carrier hubs and transportation infrastructure. Read full article…

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Building an Effective Supply Chain Team

A successful supply chain team needs just the right mix of talent, skills, and personalities, not to mention a clear mission, the freedom to pursue it, and the structure to succeed. Read full article…

The Ins and Outs of Crossdocking Solutions

Crossdocking reduces inventory costs and improves delivery times by eliminating intermediate warehousing activity. David Riffel of TAKE Supply Chain shares ways to take advantage of crossdocking. Read full article…

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Single Dashboard Streamlines Shipments

After struggling with outdated software that could not keep pace with increased sales, EAM-Mosca found a solution to streamline shipments. Read full article…

The Buck Stops at Procurement

These five rules will help organizations maximize procurement system return on investment. Read full article…

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Supply Chain Integration + Collaboration = Time Travel?

Paul A. Myerson, a professor at Lehigh University, debunks these five myths to help retailers and manufacturers see the real value of dedicated returns management. Read full article…

Delivering Reliability in a Challenging Market

Maersk Line helps a refrigerated export shipper overcome an operational challenge. Read full article…

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Contingency Planning Keeps Freight Moving

Marcia Faschingbauer of Excargo Services explains why contingency planning is the best customer service a trucking company can provide. Read full article…

Middle East Airlines Soar

Middle Eastern carriers continue to dominate the global air cargo space as they invest in freighter capacity and seize market share from Europe's legacy hubs. Read full article…

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