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DIALOG | January 6, 2016

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Customer Service Superstars

Logistics plays the role of a lifetime in helping retailers earn rave reviews for outstanding customer service performance. Read full article…

More customer service Articles…

The Value of a Positive Customer Experience

You'll find the real value of your software partner in the days and weeks after the learning phase. Most software buyers are looking for a positive experience to happen after the purchase. Read full article…

Whatever It Takes

The true measure of customer service is the people behind the systems and their personal commitment to satisfying customers. Read full article…

Delivering the Royal Treatment

As evolving retail models push consumer expectations to the extreme, companies explore new ways to show customers they rule. Read full article…

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Good Question: Is Logistics Boring?

Readers explain why this adjective does not apply. Read full article…

The Dairy Supply Chain: From Farm to Fridge

How milk and other dairy products moo-ve from tens of thousands of cows to store shelves across the country — with udder efficiency. Read full article…

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Attracting More Women to the Transportation Profession

Establishing the groundwork and collaborating are vital to developing the solutions to the significant workforce challenges the transportation industry faces. Cheryl Citrone of Vaco Logistics explains how a key part of the solution is to attract women to the traditionally male-dominated transportation profession. Read full article…

Azteca Foods Craves Inventory Management System

Azteca Foods spices up inventory tracking with an advanced automated system that doesn't cost too much dough. Read full article…

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RFID: More Than Just a Better Barcode

Paul Myerson of Lehigh University discusses how Radio Frequency Identification Technology has a multitude of benefits that can have a significant impact on reducing and eliminating waste in the extended supply chain. Read full article…

Freight Brokerage in the Palm of Your Hand

An alternative to traditional, web-based freight brokering in North America is quickly emerging: mobile-based freight brokerage. Read full article…

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