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DIALOG | February 15, 2017

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Supply Chain & Logistics Education: Ask the Professors – 2016 Edition

Faculty members from some of the nation’s leading logistics education programs share their thoughts on how higher education is preparing tomorrow’s professionals for the challenges ahead. Read full article…

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Custom Education: Guaranteeing a Perfect Fit

As supply chain complexity continues to increase, companies and schools are stitching together courses, tailoring entire curriculums, and adding employer-specific projects to executive education programs. Read full article…

Today's Supply Chain Education: It's All in Your Head

The list of competencies employers seek when they recruit supply chain professionals keeps growing longer and more complex. Here's how degree-granting programs keep pace, and enable well-rounded graduates to fill prime positions. Read full article…

10 Ways to Steer a Career Drive

Whether you want to advance within your current company or move to a new one, whether you want to try a new job in logistics or get even better at the one you have, a few simple steps will help you meet your career goals. Read full article…

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How Driverless Trucks Will Change Supply Chain Strategy

The driverless truck phenomenon is closer to reality than you might think and that means it’s time to start strategizing how this could impact supply chains. Jeff Potts of LeanLogistics highlights three areas to consider. Read full article…

How Precise Forecasting Tames Item Proliferation

John Lash of E2open explains how more accurate forecasts enable better planning, lower inventory and manufacturing costs, and improved service levels. Read full article…

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Cargo-Dedicated Airport Speeds Supply Chain Efficiency

Rickenbacker International Airport, one of the world's only cargo-focused airports, offers an uncongested option to move air cargo to, from, and within the United States. Read full article…

Unlock Savings by Connecting Inbound and Outbound Activities

Jim Blohm of Schneider discusses how by managing inbound freight spend, shippers can decouple transportation costs from suppliers’ product charges and gain visibility to outbound lanes, volumes, and synergistic opportunities. Read full article…

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Vets Help Battle Driver Shortage

For companies struggling to combat the driver shortage, a veteran-hiring initiative might be one solution. Read full article…

To Boost Shipment Productivity, Look to the Cloud

Robert Clesi of Precision Software explains how deploying a cloud-based shipment execution system can promote a healthier enterprise ecosystem, reduce costs, and pay big dividends via customer satisfaction. Read full article…

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