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DIALOG | May 20, 2015

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Putting Technology Front and Center

Whether a shipper buys services, software, or some combination of the two, technology usually lies at the center of a 3PL's value proposition. Here's a look at how some shippers tap into 3PL technology to support their goals. Read full article…

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Technology: The Leading Edge

A new wave of strategic software acts as a force multiplier, giving you greater supply chain power. Read full article…

Breaking Down Big Data

Big data is a big deal, but what is it? Inbound Logistics asks four industry experts to file their report on big data and its benefits. Read full article…

Shipment Monitoring Technology: Picking Up the Signals

From basic to complex, tracking devices give shippers the power to locate and secure cargo at any point in the supply chain. Read full article…

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Larger Ships, Larger Losses?

While larger ships are generally more energy efficient, and provide greater economies of scale, they also pose new challenges. Only a limited number of ports can accommodate their size, and loss or theft has greater consequences. Read full article…

Can You Dig IT?

Data analytics has become a huge growth market in the transportation and logistics sector. As companies and service providers improve how they gather information, there is equal need for analysis. Read full article…

Taking Steps to Embrace ACE

Fany Flores-Pastor of Descartes Systems Group explains how taking steps to adapt to ACE regulations ahead of final deadlines will save time, money, and hassle. Read full article…

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Freight Transport in Alaska

Transport providers carrying freight on land, sea, and in the air have developed special expertise to handle Alaska's unique logistics challenges. Read full article…

Nicaragua Canal Raises Environmental Concerns

While China has commenced plans to start building a canal across Nicaragua that would rival its famous neighbor, scientists are alarmed over the potential environmental impacts. Read full article…

The World is Your Warehouse, 2.0

New lower-cost commercial systems and equipment are just over the horizon; they will provide an exciting array of inventory control solutions. Read full article…

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