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DIALOG | July 15, 2015

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The Top Universities for Supply Chain Technology Education

A new study determined the top 15 supply chain management programs in the United States for supply chain technology education. Pennsylvania State University ranks first at the undergraduate level, and University of Wisconsin ranks first at the graduate level. Read full article…

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Landing a Job in Logistics: It Takes a Wealth of Experience

Employers want new hires who combine diverse, real-world logistics experience with academic achievement. Read full article…

Career Solutions: Closing the Talent Gap

With an eye toward the looming logistics labor shortage, some companies are working studiously to attract millennials. Read full article…

Today’s Supply Chain Education: It’s All in Your Head

The list of competencies employers seek when they recruit supply chain professionals keeps growing longer and more complex. Here’s how degree-granting programs keep pace, and enable well-rounded graduates to fill prime positions. Read full article…

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Engineering Green DNA

Companies are breaking through functional silos to initiate sweeping sustainability mandates. Read full article…

Benefits of Partial Truckload Shipping

Doug Waggoner of Echo Global Logistics explains why shippers should consider partial truckload shipping when looking for fast transit times, less handling, and a cost-effective solution. Read full article…

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Kelvin Miller: Home Away From Home for the Troops

Kelvin Miller, an equipment and mobility readiness spare parts allocation supervisor with military contractor DynCorp International, manages inventory and gets it ready to deploy when duty calls. Read full article…

Indonesian Logistics: What’s It All About, ALFI?

The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) is fighting a new capital requirement regulation that could possibly shut down many of the small and mid-sized forwarders and service providers that operate across the country, contributing to thousands of lost jobs. Read full article…

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Improving the Warehouse Startup Process

Joe Johnson of Wagner Logistics explains how recent improvements in wireless cellular technology and mesh networks provide solutions that can be adapted for warehousing space, easing startup challenges and costs. Read full article…

Cutting Costs While Delighting Customers

Companies can uncover cost reductions in all supply chain processes from raw materials to end delivery, but they must focus on customers to keep them satisfied. Read full article…

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