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DIALOG | July 20, 2016

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10 Greenest Ports in America

From Atlantic to Pacific, these ports know how to get their green on. Read full article…

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Global Ports: A Boatload of Opportunity

Facing a number of challenges and constraints, the global port industry is addressing concerns and capitalizing on new opportunities. Read full article…

Chasing the Horizon: Countdown to Panama Canal Expansion

As the Panama Canal expansion nears completion, several trends and trade dynamics will determine the impact on U.S. shippers and consignees. Read full article…

Top 10 U.S. Container Ports

To help you make sense of where volume is trending, Inbound Logistics' Top 10 Container Ports provides a snapshot of the U.S. port industry. Read full article…

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Drones: Hype or Help?

Readers weigh in on the future of drones in last-mile logistics. Read full article…

Of Course We’re Claiming NAFTA

Beth Pride of BPE Global explains how many companies falsely claim preferential duty treatment under NAFTA. This article outlines the right way to do it. Read full article…

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Chemical Logistics: Formula for Success

As the chemical industry continues to grow, shippers and their service partners work hard to keep product moving, trouble-free. Read full article…

Education, Outreach Keys to Changing the Face of Supply Chain

George Prest of MHI explains how the key to promoting career opportunities in the supply chain is education, both in traditional and not-so-traditional ways. Read full article…

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Addressing Vendor Management and Shifting Global Trade Currents

Thomas Griffin of DLS Worldwide explains the most important aspects of good vendor management and how manufacturers can deal with increasing regulations and security concerns. Read full article…

Goodbye, Linear Supply Chain. Hello, Digital Supply Network

Connected, intelligent, scalable, and rapid, the digital supply network is ready to be deployed today. Gary Hanifan of Accenture explains how companies holding on to the dying linear supply chain are closing themselves off from a strategy that costs less and enables growth. Read full article…

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Intermodal: Too Much of a Good Thing?

As intermodal grows, so do its challenges. Increasing cargo volumes create bottlenecks and congestion; while the capacity shortage has everyone scrambling. How are shippers and service providers coping? This article helps solve the dilemma. Read full article…

Contingency Planning Keeps Freight Moving

Marcia Faschingbauer of Excargo Services explains why contingency planning is the best customer service a trucking company can provide. Read full article…

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