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DIALOG | September 8, 2011

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China USA boomerang of manufacturing

Is U.S. Manufacturing Coming Back?

Shifting perspectives on supply chain management, coupled with the realities of total landed cost, are driving manufacturers to weigh the benefits of moving production operations in China back to the United States. Read full article…

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Global Growth

Supply chain improvements reach around the world. Read full article…

Asian Manufacturing Trends

The growing Asian consumer class affects regional production. Read full article…

Mexico Takes Flight

A booming aerospace sector offers opportunities for U.S. and Canadian manufacturers. Download digital edition…

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Doctor holding grapesShipping Food Safely

Prompted by new FDA regulations, shippers examine food transportation and distribution safety procedures. Read full article…

Securing Global Supply Chains

Risk assessments, real-time vehicle monitoring, and cross-functional cooperation help protect international shipments. Read full article…

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Foklift Cover 2011Get a Lift

Inbound Logistics' annual Forklift Buyer's Guide profiles some of the market's top offerings. Download digital edition…

Volume, Velocity, and Visibility

Focus on the Three V's of logistics to address supply chain challenges. Read full article…

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David FisherDavid Fisher: Raising the Roof

As director of global logistics at construction products company Johns Manville, David Fisher promotes collaboration through the organization's supply chain departments worldwide. Read full article…

Double Decker

APL Logistics' new doublestack container train service expands freight capacity in India. Read full article…

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Truck on the globeOn the Road to Domination

Trucking will lead the transportation industry in freight tonnage and revenue over the next decade, say analysts. Read full article…

Embracing Interstate 2.0

The United States can create new economic vitality by producing a safe, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly multimodal transportation policy in which rail once again plays a dominant role. Read full article…

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