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DIALOG | September 22, 2011

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Inside of a box

Packaging Innovation, Inside and Out

Today's manufacturers are adapting their shipping cartons to effect supply chain change. By reducing waste, slashing transport costs, and boosting efficiency, innovative strategies provide the total package. Read full article…

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Hold Everything

Protective packaging supports sustainability and creates operational efficiencies. Read full article…

Contract Packaging Cuts Costs

Integrating contract packaging into distribution operations can save companies up to 30 percent. Read full article…

Good Things Come From Green Packages

Reusing materials and reducing waste is good for the planet — and for business. Read full article…

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The Right Power Outlet A Powerful Partnership

Plugging into energy utilities during site selection can spell the difference between an adequate location and a great one. Read full article…

Import Data: It's in the Bag

Computer carrying case manufacturer Targus gets a handle on duty drawback with global trade management software. Read full article…

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Describe the image hereInviting Industry to the Table

Lawmakers and regulators need input from industry and supply chain professionals to create effective food safety rules, writers Associate Editor Perry A. Trunick. Read full article…

Cloudy Days Ahead

Cloud-based logistics technology systems offer the speed, accessibility, efficiency, and shared data necessary to succeed in a global business environment. Read full article…

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Longest Chinese BridgeChina Bridges Concerns

Chinese authorities assure the public that the new 26.3-mile-long Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is safe. Read full article…

All in Order

Viewing order management as an opportunity to add value ensures your 3PL acts as a partner, not just another vendor. Read full article…

Best Buy Gets Right-Sized

The consumer electronics retailer plans to reduce its overall square footage and scale storefronts to specific products. Read full article…

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GENCO Skyscraper Ad

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