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DIALOG | September 11, 2012

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Mapping the New Retail Supply Chain

Today's apparel retailers reach customers through many channels — and their supply chains must rise to the challenge, delivering products from any point where consumers want to buy them. Read full article…

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Superstar Service

Stellar retail supply chain management seals the deal on the consumer shopping experience. Read full article…

Retail Tech Tools

Solutions that repurpose data across functions boost retailer efficiency. Read full article…

Integrating Supply Chain Strategy

Retailers must optimize customer order fulfillment across all brands and channels. Read full article…

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Pills in a MazeNavigating Pharma Logistics

Strategic supply chain management helps relieve pharmaceutical manufacturers' pain points: temperature control, security, chain of custody, and regulatory compliance. Read full article…

Ensuring Routing Guide Compliance

Help vendors comply with your routing guide by including carrier contact information and other relevant freight shipping details. Read full article…

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Sherry AskewSherry Askew: Beauty Calls

As transportation manager at Revlon Consumer Products, Sherry Askew negotiates freight rates that keep the company's bottom line looking good. Read full article…

Discovering the Value of Analytics

To develop better analytics strategies, consider the three different types of analytics: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. Read full article…

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Ocean Cargo Arrival ChartsOcean Cargo Delivery Delays

Trade lane analysis comparing vessel arrivals and container delivery reliability has identified a significant gap between measurements. Read full article…

FMCSA Abandons Carrier Oversight

Recent pronouncements by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration signal the agency's retreat from its statutory and historical oversight of carrier safety in favor of placing more due diligence responsibilities on shippers and brokers. Read full article…

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Forklift Jumping the GateLoading Dock Safety: No More Risky Business

Busy loading docks can create a dangerous work environment. But recent advances in dock safety technology help keep workers safe on the job. Read full article…

Blue Skies Ahead for Jamaican Container Trade

Potential exists to transform Jamaica's economy by focusing on transportation and logistics, and taking advantage of an increase in container traffic. Read full article…

Map of ChinaLatin America Charts Path to Growth

Here's a look at five key Latin American countries in various stages of economic, political, and trade/supply chain growth. Read full article…

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