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DIALOG | September 6, 2017

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3PL Change Agents

Trying to plot a different supply chain course? A third-party partner might offer just the kind of help you need. Read full article…

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3 Ways Your 3PL Can Help You Overcome E-commerce Challenges

By collaborating with a knowledgeable third-party logistics provider, shippers can add both scale and visibility to their supply chain. Read full article…

Readers' Choice: Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards 2017

Our readers have spoken. Here are the 3PLs they voted the most award-worthy. Read full article…

3PL Perspectives 2017

Inbound Logistics' 12th annual 3PL market research report provides a highlight reel of the trends and tribulations shaping logistics outsourcing strategy for both providers and shippers. Read full article…

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Autonomous Vehicle Revolution Is Upon Us

The advent of autonomous vehicles is nothing short of a revolution. For the logistics world, it could mean a near end to human-caused accidents and single-handedly eliminate the driver shortage problem. Read full article…

Supply Chain Collaboration: It Works Both Ways

Successful supply chain collaboration between shippers and their third-party logistics providers requires transparency, honest communication, and a commitment to forming a true partnership with shared goals and values. Read full article…

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How New Technology is Boosting Human Potential in the Supply Chain

Michael Meyer of Accenture Strategy explains how a new opportunity for significantly better operational performance is emerging due to advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and prescriptive analytics. Read full article…

Direct Hit

E-commerce has forever changed the way people shop. Now businesses of all sizes must reassess their supply chains to go direct to the consumer with faster-than-fast delivery and free shipping. Read full article…

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5 Steps to Preventing Brand Damage When Your Product Fails

Michael Good of Stericycle discusses how to manage a recall effectively to mitigate financial and legal risk, as well as prevent irreparable brand damage. Read full article…

Sofa So Good: Software Upgrade Bolsters Furniture Company’s Growth

A furniture retailer upgrades its warehouse management system to polish productivity. Read full article…

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