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DIALOG | September 20, 2017

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Cold Storage Logistics: License to Chill

Specialized providers offer more than just standard refrigeration and freezing services. They also have value-added services down cold. Read full article…

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Here Comes the Bridal Wear Supply Chain

Made-to-order bridal gowns, drop-dead dress deadlines, and emotional brides create a unique supply chain that's no honeymoon to manage. Read full article…

What's Eating the Health Food Supply Chain?

Healthful food – organic, vegan, non-GMO, local, sustainably or humanely raised, and allergen free, or any other variety – has captured attention and seen growing demand. Satisfying that demand, however, poses unique supply chain challenges. Read full article…

Baseball Logistics: Hitting a Home Run Every Trip

Off the diamond, truckers and clubhouse staff work tirelessly to execute the logistics of spring training. Here's how they achieve this Haul of Fame accomplishment. Read full article…

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Stay Competitive With a Flexible TMS

Paul A. Myerson of Lehigh University discusses how volatile demand, shrinking lead times, and new consumption patterns have impacted transportation systems in many ways. That makes it more important than ever to maintain an agile, flexible supply chain to gain a competitive advantage. Read full article…

Plug-and-Play Supply Chains: A Smarter Path to Growth

Companies and their supply chains have found a powerful new strategy for driving profitable growth brick by brick—the plug-and-play supply chain. Here's how it works. Read full article…

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Why Aren’t There More Veterans in Logistics?

People transitioning out of the military possess many skills that directly apply to a career in logistics. Yet a post-military career in logistics remains a largely untapped opportunity. Ken Fong of Flexport explains how to change that. Read full article…

The Logistics of Special Projects

Logistics companies handling special projects need persistence and ingenuity—and have to expect the unexpected. Read full article…

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How to Grow a Green Supply Chain

In today’s competitive environment, sustainability must improve your profitability and reduce risk. Henry Canitz of Logility offers these tips to start the green supply chain journey. Read full article…

Canada: Ties That Bind

The U.S.-Canada cross-border trade relationship remains robust in an evolving regulatory environment. Read full article…

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