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DIALOG | October 21, 2015

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Freight Payment and Auditing Services: Cash is King

As shippers continue to evolve and transition into new markets throughout the world, they can eliminate overbilling, pay their invoices in an accurate, timely manner, and save thousands of dollars—by partnering with freight bill audit and payment firms. Read full article…

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Freight Payment Systems: From Dollars to Data

Today's shippers have the ability to access information captured by their freight bill payment service providers to make more informed decisions about carrier selection, service utilization, and cost allocation. Read full article…

Opening a Dialogue on Freight Payment

Shippers get the most out of freight payment services when they make it a primary discussion topic internally and among peers. Read full article…

Freight Payment & Audit Services: Beyond Bills

Leading freight payment service providers continue to enhance the array of tools they offer to help shippers make the most of freight payment data. Read full article…

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Safeguarding Your Loading Dock

No matter how thoroughly safety training requirements are followed, there are still likely to be gaps in your company's loading dock safety efforts. Use these tips to better shape safety training plans. Read full article…

Intelligent Technology Provides Supply Chain Visibility

Chris Timmer of LeanLogistics explains how intelligent transportation technology provides new sources of competitive advantage through complete supply chain visibility. Read full article…

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Warehouse Performance: It's a Whole New Game

A new way to save money on warehouse labor costs is through gamification. The process displays performance data on the warehouse floor to create incentives for employees to perform better, while also making them feel part of a company team. Read full article…

Using Analytics to Differentiate Your Customer Service

Ed Rusch of Elemica Descriptive discusses how predictive and prescriptive analytics are necessary to contribute to an organization's goal of improved and more informed decision-making. Read full article…

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Retail Collaboration: Optimizing the Distribution Pipeline

Lucky Brand Jeans worked with a team of service providers to get a new retail distribution center up and running in only six months. Read full article…

Positive Train Control: Negative Impact on Railroads?

Kathryn C. Thomas of Freeborn & Peters LLP explains how, as the deadline for PTC implementation looms, Class I railroads will demand the participation of Class II and Class III railroads in both PTC capital implementation costs and ongoing maintenance costs. Read full article…

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