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DIALOG | October 19, 2016

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6 Technologies Guaranteed to Disrupt Your Supply Chain

Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, 3-D printing, collaborative robotics, self-driving trucks, drones and the Uberization of deliveries are poised to be disruptive influences on logistics in the coming years. Read full article…

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IoT in the Supply Chain

The Internet of Things will make the supply chain as we know it a thing of the past. Let our experts plug you in to the latest IoT know-how. Read full article…

Breaking Down Big Data

Everyone talks about big data, but what is it? Four industry experts explain big data and its benefits. Read full article…

Logistics Technology: 3PLs Span the Gamut

The road to business growth is paved with data. Providing both software and expertise, third-party logistics partners keep small shippers in the fast lane. Read full article…

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How to Attract the Best Supply Chain Talent

Feeling the supply chain talent crunch? Lamar Johnson of the Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence explains how to grow and develop supply chain programs from leading universities to attract your fair share of the talent. Read full article…

Making the Last Mile a Differentiator

As consumers expect increasingly shorter delivery windows, last-mile proximity isn’t just nice to have, it’s a must-have. Will O’Shea of XPO Logistics offers these tips to leverage the last mile into a competitive differentiator. Read full article…

Optimizing Inbound for Improved E-Commerce Fulfillment

Ryan Kelly of GENCO explains how a more comprehensive approach to supply chain management can help provide a great omni-channel experience that encourages customer loyalty and optimizes profitability. Read full article…

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Optimum Dental Extracts Transportation Cost Savings

Optimum Dental sinks its teeth into a route optimization and planning system, and leaves dentists and their patients smiling. Read full article…

Keys to Customer Retention in a Competitive Environment

Customer retention in today’s competitive marketplace is vital. Thomas Griffin of DLS Worldwide offers the keys to attracting and keeping customers. Read full article…

Tapping Military Talent

Companies win the talent battle when they hire military veterans for supply chain positions. Read full article…

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