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DIALOG | October 4, 2017

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E-Commerce: Retail's Great Equalizer

From small, local businesses to national giants, merchants fashion e-commerce strategies to attract and delight consumers in an ever-more competitive field. Read full article…

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Solving the E-Commerce Puzzle

Many retailers and brands have yet to solve the e-commerce puzzle. Here are steps to consider to overcome the challenges. Read full article…

How Supply Chain Strategies Impact E-Commerce Success

When developing an e-commerce strategy, it's important to take these key factors into account. Read full article…

Direct Hit

E-commerce has forever changed the way people shop. Now, businesses of all sizes must reassess their supply chain to go direct to the consumer with faster-than-fast delivery and free shipping. Read full article…

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It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas: Keeping Your DC in Peak Shape

Whether your temporary peak periods are linked to holidays or seasons, these tips will keep your distribution center merry and bright. Read full article…

Sustainable Packaging: Using the Perfect Amount

Sustainable packaging helps shippers' bottom line and brand, as well as being easier on the environment. Read full article…

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Reverse Logistics: Earning a High Rate of Return

Are you ready to pay attention to the benefits a reverse logistics program can bring to your enterprise? Here are two expert perspectives on the opportunities that will make a difference in reverse logistics programs and how to establish goals to optimize those benefits. Read full article…

It Happens Automagically

In 2000, IL Publisher Keith Biondo mused that one day we'd have a "global internet" without wires that would find something without looking. Today, his prediction is reality and it happened sooner than he expected. Read full article…

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Data by the Truckload (Sponsored)

Shippers have abundant access to data—orders, shipments, invoices—but what information is most relevant? What should they analyze? Rick Erickson of U.S. Bank has the answers. Read full article…

Good Question

Shippers share the most interesting or unusual supply chain problem they have ever solved. Read full article…

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