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DIALOG | November 11, 2015

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Intermodal: Making the Connection

Intermodal transport requires all modes to work together seamlessly. It's all about connectivity. Read full article…

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Maximizing Intermodal Efficiency

To drive efficiency, intermodal stakeholders need to fit their processes together. Read full article…

Keeping Intermodal in Your Sites

When selecting manufacturing and distribution sites, companies should ensure rail/intermodal accessibility. Read full article…

Intermodal: Too Much of a Good Thing?

The growing popularity of intermodal transportation leaves more shippers planning their way around equipment shortages and traffic jams. Read full article…

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Three Steps to Mitigate Supply Chain Risk...Now

Waiting to address your company's supply chain vulnerability is a serious mistake with potentially catastrophic consequences. Dr. Jeff Karrenbauer of INSIGHT, Inc. offers these tips to prepare for potential supply chain disruptions. Read full article…

Daimler Accelerates Autonomous Truck Pilot

German automaker Daimler is getting ready to pilot autonomous trucks in-country before the end of 2015. Read full article…

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Product Philanthropy: An Efficient Way to Move Unwanted Inventory

Excess inventory is a common problem that contains its own best solution: product philanthropy. Gary C. Smith of the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources explains how donating unwanted products to charity requires minimal time and labor, yet generates solid returns. Read full article…

U.S. Trade With TPP Nations

Imports and exports with the United States have declined for many Trans-Pacific Partnership nations. Were they waiting for the recent partnership arrangement to go through to avoid duties? Read full article…

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The Beauty of Global Logistics

A total makeover of EM Cosmetics' global distribution process, and partnership with a consolidator, produces amazing results. Read full article…

Shipping Preferences Shift Gears

From the rise of ship-to-store to a growing interest in alternate delivery options, consumers are increasingly open to having their packages delivered to locations other than their homes. Read full article…

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