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DIALOG | December 16, 2015

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The Shape of 'Things' to Come

The Internet of Things is dramatically changing the way companies plan and execute supply chain activities as sensors, communications systems, and analytics solutions all become cheaper, faster, and more capable. Read full article…

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How the Internet of Things Impacts Supply Chains

IoT for supply chain and transportation management is part of today's larger-picture digital business landscape by which connected devices enable organizations to work smarter, plan better, and foster more intelligent decision-making processes. Read full article…

Tracking Isn't Just Tracking Anymore

Shipment visibility has evolved to be part of the Internet of Things, which integrates data far beyond what is captured by a sensor or tracking device. Read full article…

Logistics Sector Leads the Internet of Things Revolution

The Internet of Things is the wave of the future — but for the logistics segment, the future is closer than you think. Read full article…

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Why Parcel Sorting Automation Can't Wait

As e-commerce continues to surge, the case for automation is now too compelling to ignore. Brent Daboub of NPI explains how one way to start can be to automate parcel sorting at local and regional distribution centers. Read full article…

GHS: Label It a Problem

As the Globally Harmonized System of Classification, which ensures hazardous materials are safely produced, used, and disposed of, continues to evolve, labeling issues get sticky. Read full article…

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What Trends are Shaping the Global Airfreight Market?

Andreas Pohl of DB Schenker discusses trends to keep in mind when selecting an air logistics supplier that best suits your needs. Read full article…

Looking Forward to the Future

Small and mid-sized freight forwarders need to tap into the potential of innovative new technologies to remain competitive with logistics giants. Read full article…

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Alleviating Gridlock: A Chicago Case Study

Amtrak's Chicago Gateway Blue Ribbon Panel recently made a number of recommendations to improve the flow of rail operations in the Chicago area. Cynthia Bergmann from Freeborn & Peters LLP explains the proposals. Read full article…

East-West Shippers See Sharp Decline in Contract Rates

A combination of lower fuel costs, excess vessel capacity, and intensive competition between shipping lines has led to a dramatic reduction in ocean freight rates for cargo moving under contracts on the major East-West routes. Read full article…

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