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DIALOG | December 7, 2016

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Fast But Steady Wins The Expedited Race

When incorporated into a strategic transportation plan, expedited shipping helps companies over the customer service finish line. Read full article…

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Time-Critical Transport: Devising a Master Plan

Expedited shipping modes are a crucial part of shippers’ planned transportation strategies. Read full article…

Same-Day Delivery: The Amazing Race

The same-day delivery race puts crowdsourcing, bicycles, and delivery vans on the same team. Read full article…

Expedited Transport: It’s All in the Timing

Once cost-prohibitive for all but the most time-sensitive rush deliveries, today's expedited services help shippers balance their need for speed with cost-effective solutions. Read full article…

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How Supply Chain Strategies Impact E-commerce Success

Paul A. Myerson of Lehigh University explains how the emergence of e-commerce as part of a company’s omni-channel marketing program requires not only an agile, lean supply chain but also a strategy to get there. Read full article…

How to Optimize Demand Chain Management

The demand chain model drastically reduces a distribution center’s footprint and associated costs by replacing safety stock with information. Read full article…

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The Role of Relationships in Automated Brokerage

Brian Easton of Aljex Software discusses how the door to an automated brokerage process opens up when a broker strengthens relationships with carriers and customers. Read full article…

Cross-Border Trade is On a Roll

U.S.-Canada cross-border trade continues to be a mutually beneficial partnership between nations with a long history of friendship. Read full article…

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Export Control Reform Strikes Again

The U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security revised almost every section of the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) on Sept. 20, 2016. Renee Roe of BPE Global tells shippers what they need to know. Read full article…

Using a Systems Integrator for DC Automation

Implementing materials handling automation within a distribution center requires an experienced systems integrator, which acts as a matchmaker to ensure the software communicates fully and freely with the facility’s equipment. Read full article…

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