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From cost of deployment to the latest features, there are many new things to learn about today's transportation management systems (TMS). Learn eight dirty little secrets to help you separate fact from fiction when evaluating providers.



Ask the Experts
What can green do for you? How do you flatten supply chain bullwhips? Where should your company be looking to expand? C-level executives with more than 260 years of combined transportation and logistics industry experience answer these questions and more.

Green is the New Black
Increasing pressure from government, consumer, and industry leaders make supply chain sustainability a core business goal. Understanding how green initiatives can reduce operating costs, create new revenue streams, and minimize carbon footprints is key to mass acceptance.

Mexico Paves the Road to Prosperity
Free-trade agreements with more than 40 countries have helped Mexico develop the world's 12th-largest economy. But can the country handle its growth? Transportation infrastructure lies at the heart of Mexico's ambitious plans for the future.

Space Exploration: New Frontiers in Site Selection
An emerging crop of local, state, and provincial economic development groups and port facilities are committed to going to the ends of the earth - and then some - to showcase their sites.



Message on a Bottle
New e-pedigree technologies help pharmaceutical manufacturers and sellers keep tabs on shipments and secure chain of custody.

The Educated Pallet - How Sweet It Is
Sugar Land, Texas-based Imperial Sugar sweetens its returns on investment by leasing RFID- embedded pallets from iGPS.



Supply Chain Security: Proper Hazmat Training Needs to Catch Fire
Hazmat expert Bob Jaffin looks at how non-compliance with regulations costs businesses dearly.

Viewpoint: Who Ruined the Inventory?
You can avoid inventory damage disputes by employing best-practice storage and handling techniques, according to Chris Sorensen, vice president of Dickson Company.

IT Matters: Tracing the Genealogy of a Food Recall
Implementing food logistics software reduces risk in the event of a recall. Nick Bova, general manager for Junction Solution's Food and Beverage practice, explains how it works.


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