MARCH 2007
Choice Logistics is the global service partner for mission critical logistics.  Choices just in time solutions provide strategic inventory management for clients requiring expedited service.  Its real-time, closed-loop logistics and IT systems provide end-to-end inventory management for direct parts deployment 24/7.  Choice supports leading, worldwide companies with two- to four-hour parts demands  contact us today at 1.800.861.6900 or

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Becton, Dickinson and Co. (BD) is a global, $5.4 billion healthcare corporation that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public. Discover BD's TMS selection criteria - and how it has saved more than a million dollars with the system in place.


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Succeeding in the logistics field often requires an advanced degree. But finding the right school to attend sometimes comes with an advanced degree of aggravation. Inbound Logistics is here to help. This guide will help you learn more about 25 schools offering a variety of logistics education programs for MBA-seekers, professionals, and distance learners alike.
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Demand Calls, Mexico Responds
As congestion and capacity concerns threaten cargo movement through the West Coast, Mexican ports present an alternative distribution point for U.S. supply chains.

So Your Provider Has Merged. Now What?
Mergers and acquisitions are on the upswing. Each M&A transaction announcement is peppered with rosy promises, but not every deal proceeds as smoothly as promised. Here's a look behind M&A activity in the logistics provider market and how it impacts shippers.

Demand-Driven Logistics: Adjusting Focus
Picture this: 80 percent of your traditional business disappears within five years. For Eastman Kodak, positioning a demand-driven supply chain model to fit this redefined market required vision, an eye for detail, and precise timing. Here's what developed.

Dimensioning Equipment from
Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Utilize space with the utmost efficiency, generate additional revenue by calculating valuable dimensional weight charges and save time, effort and money.
Click Hereto download a white paper on integrating dimensioning and cubing into your existing weight-based measurement and data collection system.


Driver-Shortage Issues: Carriers Get Creative
Finding drivers - and retaining them - has become the most challenging problem facing the industry today. How bad is the situation? Doug Ostrowski, general manager of transportation, Evans Distribution Systems, lays it on the line.

Risks & Rewards: Shifted Contents, Shared Responsibility
A warehouse manager receives containers holding cargo that has shifted or collapsed against itself. Apart from any risk he faces for cargo damage while unloading the containers, this also presents a hazard to his workers. How can he protect his company and employees? TT Club's Dan Negron offers expert advice.



Logistics in the Blogosphere

Hundreds of logistics blogs are now in operation; some are quite informative, while others offer little more than a cluster of links to other web sites. Here is an informal roundup of some logistics blogs worth checking out.

Web_Cite City

The most comprehensive directory of logistics web sites on the Internet. Organized by category and fully searchable, it's the easiest way to find logistics sites.
Search the Web_Cite City Database
To browse sites by category, click here.

Technology Transforms Transportation
Top 100 Logistics IT Companies
SMB Logistics Special Supplement
Web_Cite City Annual Directory

Blue Dawn Solutions
Formed by logistics industry experts and backed by productivity driven cost reductions, Blue Dawn Solutions provides on-site staffing/managed services for select functions including receiving, cross-docking, order picking, kitting/assembly, and general warehousing. Please visit to learn more about the cost and quality advantages of partnering with Blue Dawn.

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