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Many small businesses still believe warehouse management systems are too expensive for their budgets or won't provide the right benefits. Learn how these misconceptions may be preventing your business from considering a competitive necessity.


Most Likely to Succeed
From distance-learning programs to logistics certification short courses, undergraduate survey classes to doctoral research, supply chain students are building their skill sets in the classroom and on the job.

Tuned Up: Priming Automotive Logistics For Peak Performance
Swelling fuel prices, snowballing government regulations, and mounting labor and component costs are challenging automakers to an extent unparalleled within the past three decades. To account for these factors, manufacturers are focusing more attention on driving visibility and collaboration among component suppliers.

Electronics: Anticipating High-Tech Demand
When new electronics hit the consumer market, fickle demand and unpredictable lifecycles place a premium on fine-tuning supply chain responsiveness. By necessity, consumer electronics manufacturers are forging new paths for sourcing, production, distribution, and logistics best practices.

I-ACT SI, Shipping Instructions Made Easy!


DC Solutions: Quenching the Thirst for Enhanced DC Design
Matching DC network design with sophisticated materials handling technology helps product flow for Southern Wine and Spirits of America.

L.I.T. Toolkit: Solving the Cube
Faced with rising diesel costs and capacity utilization concerns, tissue manufacturer SCA Tissue North America wipes up excess costs with Ortec's load optimization software.
Bonus Coverage: Load Optimization Buyer's Guide

IT Matters: With SaaS, You Make the Rules
Adopting a Software as a Service (Saas) technology approach creates better rules for supply chain engagement, according to David Fox, president and CEO of Agistix.



Viewpoint: Reverse Logistics: It Pays to Do It Right
Optimizing reverse logistics operations benefits an organization in numerous ways. Warren Sumner, ClearOrbit's vice president of marketing and products, outlines the advantages.

3PL Line: Logistics Managers Earn Job Security
U.S. consumer demand patterns make the need for qualified logistics professionals capable of providing and coordinating stateside distribution as significant as ever. Rick Underwood, vice president of contract logistics services in the Americas for APL Logistics, shares his perspective on the role of supply chain managers in today's economy.

EcoDev: Community Developers Must Take the Intermodal Initiative
You might find that your intermodal service is much improved a decade from now, but that's not likely if you ignore your community's intermodal service and infrastructure today, says Ed Bee, president and founder of Taimerica Management Company.

Reader Profile: Kathy McCurry: Biker Chic
The president and founder of Classy Rider Apparel works with suppliers in China to create motorcycle jackets with mainstream appeal.


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2008 Managing Automation Progressive Manufacturing Summit & Awards / June 10-12, 2008 / Las Vegas
Orchestrating the Business. 2008 and Beyond. People. Processes. Platforms. To leverage new business models, manufacturers must embrace collaborative working techniques and modern technological tools. Senior management from manufacturing companies are making time to attend the premier event for progressive manufacturers in Las Vegas this June. Learn best practices from this year's Progressive Manufacturing Award winners, hear presentations from Boeing, Coca-Cola, Pfizer and Rexam, and find out how to make your business play as one on the global stage. Inbound Logistics readers save $300 when registering by May 10th!

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