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Many small businesses still believe warehouse management systems are too expensive for their budgets or won't provide the right benefits. Learn how these misconceptions may be preventing your business from considering a competitive necessity.



Globe Spinning
As the world flattens, global sourcing invariably becomes more dynamic. Sophisticated technologies and an emerging crop of offshore suitors are forcing today's intrepid explorers to balance reason with instinct.

2008 Global Logistics Guide
Inbound Logistics' fourth annual Global Logistics Guide helps you evaluate potential sourcing locations by identifying global hotspots excelling in transport infrastructure, IT competency, and people power.

The Avenue of the Saints
Along the 536 miles of highway known as "The Avenue of the Saints," companies are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in logistics facilities, and reaping the benefits of fast, economical access to major Midwest cities such as Chicago, Kansas City, St. Paul/Minneapolis, St. Louis, and beyond.

Snapshot: Furniture
Trading Spaces: Will the shift to global sourcing - combined with an economic downturn, housing slump, high fuel costs, and lack of visibility - unseat the furniture industry?



IT Matters: Location-Based Services Put Efficiency on the Map
Deploying location-based service tools such as geographic positioning systems and street-level routing can help companies find their way. Dr. Moshe BenBassat, founder, chairman, and CEO of workforce optimization software provider ClickSoftware, outlines the benefits.

L.I.T. Toolkit: Holiday Creations Sees the Light
A holiday lights manufacturer takes a shine to its new export management system.

DC Solutions: The ABCs of WMS
Early childhood education company Kaplan chooses a warehouse management system that makes the grade.



SC Perspectives
A founding father reminds us that U.S. logistics depends on a strong industrial and agricultural base, balanced with a vital commerce system.

Made in China: Perspectives on the Global Manufacturing Giant
A trio of industry experts share their thoughts on three big questions: What makes logistics in China so challenging? Who's really to blame for China's high-profile product quality failures? What's the secret to success in outsourcing to China?

Viewpoint: Can We Create a Viable National Transportation Policy?
A cooperative partnership between the public and private sectors is necessary to develop a viable national transportation policy and infrastructure. Thomas L. Finkbiner, chairman of the board for the Intermodal Transportation Institute at the University of Denver, explains why.

Reader Profile: Putting Military Training on the Line
Former U.S. Army artillery officer Mike Strauss no longer moves trucks and troops - now he traffics construction materials.

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2008 Managing Automation Progressive Manufacturing Summit & Awards / June 10-12, 2008 / Las Vegas
Orchestrating the Business. 2008 and Beyond. People. Processes. Platforms. To leverage new business models, manufacturers must embrace collaborative working techniques and modern technological tools. Senior management from manufacturing companies are making time to attend the premier event for progressive manufacturers in Las Vegas this June. Learn best practices from this year's Progressive Manufacturing Award winners, hear presentations from Boeing, Coca-Cola, Pfizer and Rexam, and find out how to make your business play as one on the global stage. Inbound Logistics readers save $300 when registering by May 10th!

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