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TOP 100
Logistics IT Providers
We are pleased to recognize the following companies as Top 100 Logistics IT Providers. Please click below for more information on these leading providers:


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From cost of deployment to the latest features, there are many new things to learn about today's transportation management systems (TMS). Learn eight dirty little secrets to help you separate fact from fiction when evaluating providers.


Find a Logistics IT Provider
Use the Logistics IT Decision Support Tool, a unique relational database, to help you easily and quickly identify the IT vendors and solutions that best meet your needs.

Exclusive Research: IT Perspectives 2007
Inbound Logistics' annual Market Insight Survey polls IT providers to gauge their perspectives on logistics IT challenges, solutions, and opportunities. Their answers provide an in-depth look at the state of the logistics IT market.

Truckers Get Connected
Truckers have come a long way from the days when getting connected meant switching on the CB radio. Today, wireless technology links vehicles, drivers, and shipping data to the world.

SMB Logistics: Small is the New Big
To survive against larger rivals, small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) have embraced supply chain management as a competitive weapon. Industry service providers are taking note, offering technology and logistics solutions that make a big impact on small companies.

Dimensioning Equipment from
Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Utilize space with the utmost efficiency, generate additional revenue by calculating valuable dimensional weight charges and save time, effort and money.
Click Hereto download a white paper on integrating dimensioning and cubing into your existing weight-based measurement and data collection system.


Web_Cite City: Completely updated and expanded!
Inbound Logistics' annual Web_Cite City directory makes searching the web for logistics solutions a snap. We offer the most comprehensive listing of leading transportation and technology web sites anywhere. Want to check out the hottest 3PL sites? Click here to get started.


TMS Shopping Made Easy
If you are in the process of selecting a new Transportation Management System, don't panic. Tracy Meetre, director of solution development, Logistics Management Solutions (LMS), shows you how to identify viable TMS candidates, create a meaningful Request for Proposal, and select a vendor that will deliver the functionality and results you need.

Easing the Pain of Product Proliferation
Product proliferation - the explosion in the number of individual SKUs that has occurred over the past decade - poses a major challenge to supply chain managers and adds millions of dollars to logistics costs. Leonard Sahling, first vice president of research, ProLogis, offers some advice for easing the pain.



I Heard IT Through the Grapevine
A new logistics system leaves The Henry Wine Group with more accurate inbound freight updates - and nothing to whine about.


Rumble in the IT Jungle: ERP vs. Best-of-Breed

ERP systems face off against best-of-breed contenders in the logistics technology heavyweight fight.

Web_Cite City

The most comprehensive directory of logistics web sites on the Internet. Organized by category and fully searchable, it's the easiest way to find logistics sites.
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