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Exclusive Research: IT Perspectives 2008
Supply chains are only as flexible as the technology that exists to support them -- and thanks to an emerging class of logistics IT providers, and a new breed of sophisticated solutions, there are plenty of options to help enterprises respond more quickly and efficiently to shifting market dynamics.

Top 100 Logistics IT Providers
(Includes IT Perspectives Research)
IL's list of the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers offers the decision support you need to find IT vendors and solutions that best meet your needs.

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Small Business Logistics:
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Small businesses level the playing field by getting a boost from big service providers.

Balancing Act: Matching Supply to Demand
Three companies at different stages of demand-driven sophistication use greater visibility, automated data flow, and real-time alerts to preserve the delicate balance between suppliers and customers.

TMS Under the Microscope
Companies take a closer look at technology solutions to discover the secret of optimizing transportation operations.

Snapshot: Beverage Companies Thirst For Supply Chain Efficiency
Beverage makers drink a toast to forecasting, TMS, and WMS solutions, which help them keep shelves full when customers' glasses are half-empty.



SC Perspectives
U.S. infrastructure lies before us as a series of wounded systems, bleeding at every intersection, gate, and runway. What do we treat first?

Risks & Rewards: Taking on One-Offs
C. Daniel Negron, vice president of TT Club, explains why one-off transactions are so difficult to insure.

Viewpoint: Perfect Order Fulfillment - Getting It Right
The complexities of an extended supply chain make the odds against fulfilling a perfect order overwhelming. Kari Dwyer, a supply chain consultant with Blue Sky Logistics, shares tips for getting it right.

3PL Line: Safety First
Make sure your 3PL's safety practices live up to your own. Jesse Bowen, vice president of operations at KTI Inc., outlines what to look for.

Reader Profile: Barry Schaps Pumps It Up
As senior vice president of logistics at one of the nation's largest ethanol manufacturers, VeraSun Energy in Brookings, S.D., Barry Schaps chooses the best routes for just-in-time fuel delivery.



IT Matters
Choosing the right system for your warehouse operation can be a challenge, but knowing which features to look for will help you make the best choice.

DC Solutions: Retreading the Warehouse
A new WMS installed to cope with rapid growth put Pennsylvania's Jack Williams Tire Co. on the road to success.

LIT Toolkit: Welch's Juices Up Logistics Data
An analysis tool helps Welch's extract better supply chain intelligence from its information systems and put the squeeze on transportation costs.

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