JULY 2007

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Inbound Logistics is pleased to announce that it recently
won 4 TABBIE Awards
for design from the Trade Association and Business Publications International.

First place:
Cover, Photograph

Honorable Mention:
Feature Design

Honorable Mention:
Opening Page or Spread

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The 2007 Logistics Planner provides detailed, descriptive profiles of 160 leading carriers, logistics solutions providers, technology companies and equipment manufacturers as well as the best sites in North America supporting trade. Business logistics leaders around the globe use the online Logistics Planner all year long to find solutions to their trade, transportation, logistics and supply chain challenges.

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From cost of deployment to the latest features, there are many new things to learn about today's transportation management systems (TMS). Learn eight dirty little secrets to help you separate fact from fiction when evaluating providers.


Air Cargo Navigates Uncertain Skies
Criss-crossing issues such as high fuel prices, new security regulations, and competition from other modes, the air cargo industry flies on to what it cautiously hopes will be a strong future.

Who's Who in Airfreight Forwarding
To get your search for an airfreight forwarder off the ground, check out this list of leading players.

Career Solutions: Meet the Teachers
Meet three professors using creativity, technology, and real-world experiences to educate the next generation of logistics leaders.

Chemical Logistics
What is the state of today's chemical logistics market? How do hazmat shippers and carriers deal with safety concerns? What logistics best practices are chemical producers embracing? Find out in this informative resource from Inbound Logistics and Chemical Week.

Race to the Border: Catching up With
Latin American Logistics

Progressive trade policies and foreign investment, developing transportation infrastructure, and a growing 3PL presence in Brazil and Mexico are heating up Latin American logistics.



Sourcing in a Seller's Market
What is today's new "seller's market" like? And is the sourcing professional really captive to it? Find out in this opinion piece by Carrie Ericson and Leron Baum of Ariba.

Buying Insurance: Domestic or Foreign?
It may surprise you to know that certain types of international trade insurance are often placed with insurers located outside the United States. Here's some advice on making sure you are protected, from C. Daniel Negron, vice president, TT Club.


Box Ho! RFID Replaces Telescopes
Tired of playing hide and seek with its containers, CIMC finds a new RFID system to help locate product in its yards.


What Are Your Tech Vendors Up To?

A sampling of new offerings from the top technology providers attending this year's Distribution/Computer Expo.

Carbon Concerns?
Learn about the business case for carbon reduction at the first-ever  U.S. retailers and consumer product manufacturers will explore designing roadmaps for rationalizing, planning, and establishing cost-effective carbon reduction programs that save money.


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Join the "who's who" of logistics at the leading event for senior-level defense logistics!
- General John Abizaid, USA (Ret) - Commander, USCENTCOM (2003-2007)
- Lieutenant General Robert T. Dail, USA - Director, Defense Logistics Agency
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- Rear Admiral Robert D. Reilly, Jr, USN - Commander, Military Sealift Command
- Major General (S) Paul Selva, USAF - Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategic Plans
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