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The 2007 Logistics Planner provides detailed, descriptive profiles of 160 leading carriers, logistics solutions providers, technology companies and equipment manufacturers as well as the best sites in North America supporting trade. Business logistics leaders around the globe use the online Logistics Planner all year long to find solutions to their trade, transportation, logistics and supply chain challenges.

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Download your free copy of this valuable report and discover key ways transportation management systems (TMS) automate processes and reduce costs associated with getting products to their destination on time. The report also reviews vendor selection criteria. Ways TMS
Reduces Costs/index.asp?leadSource=InBoundLog20070827


Trucking Perspectives and
Top 100 Motor Carriers

Exclusive research on the trucking industry, combined with Inbound Logistics' annual list of the Top 100 Motor Carriers, offers the decision support you need to find truckers that best meet your challenges.

Managing Domestic Supply Chains
How consumer goods manufacturers leverage domestic supply chains for fast cycle times that global outsourcing can't match.

Temperature-Controlled Logistics: Provide or Perish
Whether shipping fruit, seafood, flowers, or any other perishable goods, transportation must be fresh, fast, and error-free.

Go Figure!
Freight Payment Services Add Up

The cost-savings benefits of outsourcing freight bill payment and audit are well-documented. But it's the decision-support data these third parties provide that delivers the real payoff.



Bouncing Back When Disaster Strikes
Tips to help you establish supply chain technologies and procedures that will let you operate effectively when a natural disaster strikes, from Jeff Cashman, senior vice president, business development, Manhattan Associates.

Creating an Agile Transportation Enterprise
To become more agile, transportation service providers need to improve order visibility in the supply chain, reduce inventories, improve demand response up and down the supply chain, and improve the command and control structure within the enterprise to handle supply chain exceptions. Gregory Mathy and Sundar Swaminathan of EDS explain how.

Seeing the Value in 'Seaworthy' Packaging
One shipper found out the hard way that his ocean freight packaging was not seaworthy. C. Daniel Negron, vice president, TT Club, shows you how to avoid this costly situation.



LIT Toolkit: Rock Around the Stock
Taking its cue from Quantum's Q solution, Guitar Center's forecasts and inventory allocation now make beautiful music together.


Complex Technology for Basic Concepts

When basic business functions and advanced technology meet, everybody wins.

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