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The 2007 Logistics Planner provides detailed, descriptive profiles of 160 leading carriers, logistics solutions providers, technology companies and equipment manufacturers as well as the best sites in North America supporting trade. Business logistics leaders around the globe use the online Logistics Planner all year long to find solutions to their trade, transportation, logistics and supply chain challenges.

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Rockin' Rail
For an industry with grassroots in the 19th century, and that hit its heyday in the mid-20th century, U.S. railroads are ready to rock and roll.

Logistics at Sea Level
Ocean, rail, and intermodal leaders discuss why capacity concerns, infrastructure inadequacies, and a paucity of policy keep them up at night.

Setting Sites On Tomorrow
Third parties and economic development interests can help businesses look beyond the basics to find sites fit for today and tomorrow.


WMS Directory: Plug In and Power Up
Whether your demands are vertical-specific, dictated by existing ERP systems, or based on cost and complexity, WMS vendors are saturating the market with a wide array of solutions. Download this directory to find a WMS solution that can recharge your supply chain.

Logistics IT Toolkit: Creating Calm from Chaos
By automating and reorganizing its warehouse, Red-L Distributors cuts costs and creates a cleaner, safer, less frantic work environment.

Web Services Add Sizzle to Shipper-LSP Integration
Mike Sadowski, CIO of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation, explains how Web services allow the shipper-logistics service provider partnership to grow more strategic by allowing shippers to integrate LSP-managed information at new points within their business processes.



3PL Line: Six Essential Strategies for Selecting a Global 3PL
John A. Fitzgerald of SEKO offers six critical essentials of global supply chain strategy you should weigh, analyze, and consider carefully before selecting your partner.

Risks & Rewards: Your Services Have Expanded...Are You Covered?
Diversifying air cargo handling services requires a new protocol for obtaining insurance coverage, says C. Daniel Negron, Vice President, TT Club.

Viewpoint: The Shipper Empire Strikes Back
Softening truck capacity and lessening demand have the shipping empire primed to strike back. But can it succeed? Richard Metzler, chief commercial officer, Greatwide Logistics Services, provides some answers.

Reader Profile
Greg Schwartz: Smooth Operator

Greg Schwartz, vice president, supply chain management at Jamba Juice, gives supply chain procurement and sourcing a whole new flavor.

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