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CHECKING IN: The Short Loop Is Better
Wouldn't it be better if your supply control loop was located exactly at the point of the demand flow instead of in another time zone, in a foreign language, and with someone else's hand on the control?


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Top 100 Motor Carriers
Shift gears, slow down, and take account of the 100 motor freight carriers Inbound Logistics editors chose as paving the road to innovation and change within the trucking industry.
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Exclusive Research: Trucking Perspectives 2008
Our annual Motor Freight Market Insight Survey provides an in-depth look at the trucking sector. Motor carriers and Inbound Logistics readers address growth areas and obstacles.

Ground Tactics: Optimizing Transportation Networks
While every transportation mode is affected by a struggling economy and record high fuel prices, trucking has the most far-reaching impact on supply chain network design and strategy. How are shippers coping?

The PowerTrack Network effectively collaborates with customers around the globe to create solid links between physical supply chain events and financial processes and payments. Since the beginning, PowerTrack has allowed its customers to use supply chain data to make faster, more accurate payments for supply chain partners worldwide -- vendors are paid within days, not months. The results are lower supply chain costs and increased financial control and visibility. To learn more about how PowerTrack can help you, visit the Planner Profile

Freight Payment Services: Dollars & Sense
Freight payment services are no longer just about paying your carriers quickly. Today's freight payment service providers have expanded their portfolios to offer an array of cost-cutting, productivity, and efficiency benefits.

Purchasing Managers Talk Shop
Purchasing managers juggle a To-Do list of stressful, business critical tasks -- from striking the best deals to projecting demand to staying abreast of financial and political changes worldwide. Listen in as four purchasing managers chat about challenges and shoot the breeze on strategy.



SC PERSPECTIVES: Keeping Our Heads Above Water
Contributing editor Robert Malone explains how intelligent planning, combined with executing a global supply chain based on accurate data, could mitigate the problem of inequitable water distribution.

3PL LINE: Cultivating Healthy Carrier Relationships
Sound shipper-carrier relationships help deliver tangible and sustainable results, writes Kyle Alexander, general manager of the strategic carrier development group at Transplace.

IT MATTERS: Real-Time Location Systems Cover Your Assets
Combining elements of GPS and passive RFID technologies, real-time location systems take advantage of both technologies' strengths. Michelle Meng-Hsiung Kiang, vice president of marketing at PINC Solutions, outlines the benefits.

RISKS & REWARDS: A Behind-the-Screens Look at Air Cargo
TT Club Vice President C. Daniel Negron examines the questions that new cargo-screening regulations raise about the best approach to compliance.


Navigating a Supply Chain Management Career

After 30 years in the business, Steve Schad, vice president of supply chain operations at TomTom Inc., moves materials and products from Point A to Point B with ease.

CASEBOOK: Urban Outfitters Sales into the Wind
While many of its competitors struggle, this trendy apparel retailer struts its stuff through aggressive growth, a unique customer perspective, and a supply chain that pulls it all together.


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