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3PL Challenges Solved
Have a logistics or transportation challenge? Whether you need more supply chain visibility, accurate inventory management, or suggestions for cutting transportation costs, Inbound Logistics' team of 3PL experts can help. Click here for free, no-obligation guidance and advice.


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2009 Online Planners
Access the 2009 Inbound Logistics Planner online and as a digital download. You'll find detailed information on 150 market leaders who have crafted their solutions to fit your needs and help meet your demands for transportation speed and efficiency, lower inventories, quick and easy tracking and tracing, cycle time compression, and integrated logistics expertise. These are the companies that can help you drive change.


your tour guide to some of the best logistics site-seeing on the Internet. Use this web site directory as you seek new logistics solutions online.

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Missouri: The Perfect Center
Need to be within easy reach of just about everything? Missouri is the place to be. The state's transportation infrastructure provides a wealth of options for connecting efficiently with the rest of the country and the world.
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Celebrating 90 Years of Ship By Truck
It has been 90 years since America's first surge of long-haul trucking, and, despite challenges throughout the decades and the current downturn, trucking still matters. To celebrate this anniversary, this article explores the innovation and invention, leadership and vision that sparked and shaped mainstream commercial use of long-haul trucking in the United States and the Interstate System that grew to support emerging infrastructure need.

EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH: 2009 Trucking Perspectives
Our annual Motor Carrier Survey provides an in-depth look at the trucking sector. Motor carriers and Inbound Logistics readers address growth areas and obstacles.

Top 100 Motor Carriers
Spotting best-of-breed trucking partners that can meet your unique challenges and take your business down new roads of innovation and efficiency requires a great deal of due diligence. Want a shortcut? Our directory helps put your cargo in the right hands and your company in the driver's seat.
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Freight Payment Services: Boosting Invoice IQ
Freight payment/audit providers scrutinize shipper invoices using detailed reporting, sophisticated technology, and international capabilities designed to help shippers make smart business decisions.
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WMS Buyer's Guide 2009
To provide some guidance in selecting the perfect warehouse management system, Inbound Logistics canvassed leading vendors to aggregate a directory of WMS solutions and capabilities.
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INSIDE INFO: 10+2 Solutions
For many shippers, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Importer Security Filing mandate, commonly referred to as 10+2, adds up to nothing less than a whole lot of confusion. This resource of 10+2 experts is a good place to find a partner that can facilitate compliance.
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SC Perspectives
The Costly Art of Tracking
The success of a supply chain can be measured by how its activities are monitored and tracked. Contributing Editor Robert Malone wonders: Is all this data worth the cost?

Green Landscape
Ensuring Your Carrier Promotes Supply Chain Value Through Sustainability
Emphasizing sustainability promotes value along every channel of the supply chain. Shippers should engage carriers that demonstrate their sustainability strengths with proactive, purposeful endeavors, writes John Westerholm, vice president, assets, Ruan Transport Corporation.

3PL Line
Defining the Ideal Pacific Rim Warehouse
Warehouses may serve the same function regardless of where they are located, but the criteria for choosing and operating these facilities is anything but consistent from one continent to the next. Dan Montgomery, vice president, business development, APL Logistics, shares his perspective on defining the ideal Pacific Rim warehouse.



Reader Profile
Leading from the Center
Packaging solutions manufacturer MeadWestvaco, the country's 10th-largest container exporter, sources $450 million in transportation globally. Chris Osen, vice president of supply management, oversees most of those decisions.

What's The Difference?

If you're an LLP, are you also a 4PL? Can you run a Just-In-Time operation without being a lean one? When push comes to pull, are logistics and supply chain management interchangeable?

Here's your chance to weigh in on some common perceptions and misperceptions regarding industry terminology and lexicon that we will feature in an upcoming article. Take our quick survey to make your voice heard!


Operations Management & Human Resources
Enthusiastic and dynamic professional who is characterized for personal tenacity, independent work habits, direct and energetic communication style that motivates people to act decisively towards a common goal.
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