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Maritime Logistics: Staying Afloat
Ocean carriers are throwing out lifelines to shippers, helping them navigate the economic riptides of cost inflation and business slowdowns.

New Horizons: 2008 Ocean Carrier Guide
Changes in trade latitudes and changes in shipping attitudes are steering ocean carriers in new directions. Inbound Logistics invites you to tour some of the ocean freight industry's top players.

Pacific Rim Logistics: Proceed with Caution
The road to successful Pacific Rim outsourcing has more than its share of bumps. Here are some turn-by-turn directions to the path of least resistance.

Great Logistics Sites: The Pursuit of Excellence
What makes an area ideal for logistics site selection? How about excellent location, superb facilities, easy access to multiple transportation modes, tax credits and incentives, and a talented, motivated workforce? Visit five locations that offer all of the above.
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Memphis: North America's Logistics Center
Blessed with a central location and rich transportation infrastructure, Memphis has attracted a long list of major firms that have put the city at the heart of their supply chain networks.
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SC PERSPECTIVES: Diagnosing Complexity
SKU proliferation, supplier diversification, and greater competition are increasing the complexity of global sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics. Knowing when and where to simplify is critical to supply chain innovation and success, writes IL contributing editor Robert Malone.

Community Service: Supporting Logistics Education

Enterprise-sponsored logistics education programs for students benefit the entire community. David Rubright, workforce education coordinator at Lehigh Career & Technical Institute, explains how.

Hazmat Education Is the Best Response

Transportation and logistics expert Bob Jaffin outlines the regulated materials information no smart logistics professional should be without.



Supply Chain Management is in His DNA

As senior director of global order fulfillment at Affymetrix, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based developer of technologies crucial to genetics research, James Bradley serves as the customer's voice in operations.


IT MATTERS: Can You Afford to Ignore Supply Chain Risk?
Razat Gaurav, vice president and general manager, global logistics business unit, at i2 Technologies, makes his case for why you can't afford to ignore supply chain risk.

Making a Commitment to Supply Chain Quality

Wedding jewelry manufacturer Benchmark ties the knot with a software tool that marries forecasting and inventory control.

LIT TOOLKIT: Distribution by the Book
Appian Logistics' Direct Route automated routing software helps Scholastic Book Fairs turn the page on inefficiency.

Web_Cite City

The most comprehensive directory of logistics web sites on the Internet. Organized by category and fully searchable, it's the easiest way to find logistics sites.
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