Choice Logistics is the global service partner for mission critical logistics.  Choices just in time solutions provide strategic inventory management for clients requiring expedited service.  Its real-time, closed-loop logistics and IT systems provide end-to-end inventory management for direct parts deployment 24/7.  Choice supports leading, worldwide companies with two- to four-hour parts demands  contact us today at 1.800.861.6900 or www.choicelogistics.com.

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Shippers face challenges such as rising fuel costs, service shortages, regulation changes, and new customer requirements. This report will help you discover five key ways transportation management systems (TMS) automate processes and reduce costs associated with getting products to their destination on time.


People: The Power Behind the Supply Chain
Every logistics career has its story, and every story has a main character. The supply chain may ride on wheels, wings, and an endless stream of data, but without living, breathing human beings to make the wheels turn and the data flow, the whole system would grind to a halt.

Regardless of their age, gender, or title, the people behind the supply chain are an innovative bunch. Meet some of the many logisticians working to move the logistics field forward:

Bill O'Brien, Havi Food Services: A Bull in China's Shops
Bill O'Brien, president of Havi Food Services in China, looks for challenges on the road less traveled. If someone has already been there and done that, chances are he'll veer in the opposite direction.

Vicki O'Meara, Ryder: Law and Orders
What's a high-powered environmental attorney doing at the head of Ryder's logistics services business? Having the time of her life.

Bob Willett, Best Buy: Just a Simple Shopkeeper
To many, supply chain is about moving product. To Bob Willett, CEO of Best Buy International, supply chain is first about serving people, and second about moving product.

Jim Kellso, Intel: Master of the Unobvious
Tackling unusual projects is standard operating procedure for Jim Kellso, who holds the intriguing title of Supply Chain Master at Intel Corp.

5 Burning Questions
Complicated questions abound in the supply chain industry and some weigh more heavily on logistics professionals than others. To find answers to some recurring quandaries, Inbound Logistics put some of the industry's top experts on the hot seat and fired away.

Casebook: Freezing Transport Costs in their Tracks
Some people in the logistics segment might consider Todd Hopkins, general manager for The Martin-Brower Company, a food distributor in Manassas, Va., a bit "out there." Hopkins made a risky move by converting 100 percent of the company's inbound frozen potato products to rail transportation. The risk paid off, however, and Hopkins enjoys the last laugh.

Dimensioning Equipment from
Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Utilize space with the utmost efficiency, generate additional revenue by calculating valuable dimensional weight charges and save time, effort and money.
Click Hereto download a white paper on integrating dimensioning and cubing into your existing weight-based measurement and data collection system.


Shortcuts Sound Appealing, But at What Cost?
In the 3PL business, as in life, there are no shortcuts; few result in a happy endings, says Bob Koerner, CEO, Total Logistic Control. While they are driving short-term results, many logistics professionals end up spending more money in the long run. They need to discover that subtle balance between short- and long-term thinking.

U.S. Airlines Need an Attitude Adjustment
Unlike the majority of international carriers that promote air cargo with men, money, and marketing, freight, in the immortal words of Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect at most domestic airlines, notes Julian Keeling, president and CEO, Consolidators International Inc.


Virtual Container Yards Net Real Results

Empty containers are full of problems for U.S. shippers, carriers, and ports. Do Virtual Container Yards hold the solution?

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Top 100 Logistics IT Companies

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