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2009 Online Planners
Access the 2009 Inbound Logistics Planner online and as a digital download. You'll find detailed information on 150 market leaders who have crafted their solutions to fit your needs and help meet your demands for transportation speed and efficiency, lower inventories, quick and easy tracking and tracing, cycle time compression, and integrated logistics expertise. These are the companies that can help you drive change.

your tour guide to some of the best logistics site-seeing on the Internet. Use this web site directory as you seek new logistics solutions online.

3PL Challenges Solved
Have a logistics or transportation challenge? Whether you need more supply chain visibility, accurate inventory management, or suggestions for cutting transportation costs, Inbound Logistics' team of 3PL experts can help. Click here for free, no-obligation guidance and advice.


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GET OUT THE VOTE! Vote for your favorite 3PL
How does your 3PL provider stack up to the competition? There is still time to cast your vote for this year's Top 10 3PL Excellence Award. You vote, we compile the results, and the best 3PL providers come out on top. We print the results in the annual July 3PL issue.

The are jobs out there, and Inbound Logistics will help match job seekers with available positions through this new free service. To post your positions wanted information, click here.

Logistics Professional for Hire
Successful logistics professional and licensed Customs House broker with manufacturing, retail, and marketing experience seeks employment. Significant expertise in logistics, project management, global trade, and transportation.
Contact: John Perry207-838-5679jp5.Fenway@gmail.com.


2009 Global Logistics Guide
Inbound Logistics' 5th Annual Global Logistics Guide presents a navigational beacon as you scope out and steer your company's global reckoning through an uncertain economic abyss. The guide indentifies global hotspots that excel in the three key areas: Transportation Infrastructure, IT Competency and People Power.
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PORTFOLIO: New Ports of Call
Commercial ports are the heart of global supply chains, vital to the ebb and flow of world trade. Join IL as we drop anchor at two up-and-coming ro/ro cargo hubs -- Port of Baltimore and Port of Calais, France.
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Retail Apparel: Coming (Back) to America
A decade ago, garment manufacturing in the United States was practically a dead industry as apparel companies flocked to low-cost manufacturing countries. But then came the fuel crisis, banking credit system meltdown, and the realization that the time merchandise spends traveling in a container is time not spent on store shelves. Suddenly, America is the new global hotspot.

Lock, Stock, and Barrel: How Secure Is Your Cargo?
When it comes to protecting shipments from theft, businesses have an arsenal of tools at their disposal. From high-tech tracking and monitoring to basic intrusion prevention, these devices and technologies, combined with common-sense security practices, can help thwart cargo thieves.

Inside Info: Load Optimization and Yard Management Software
In its first installment, our guide to leading logistics resources showcases load optimization tools that help you squeeze every ounce of efficiency from your assets, and yard management solutions that track trailers and their contents. Download the PDF



SC Perspectives
Buy American, Transport American?
The United States has been a serious player in the international buying and selling arena for decades. Contributing Editor Robert Malone explains why it may be trickier than it sounds to now decide we'll only "Buy American."

Risks & Rewards
Help Wanted: Seeking Qualified Logistics Professionals
With demands like regulatory compliance, security initiatives, and constantly changing industry standards, finding qualified transportation personnel is crucial. Dan Negron, vice president of TT Club, examines what the logistics segment is doing to attract a younger generation of professionals.

The Evolving Supply Chain Manager
John J. Tracy, president of Tracy-Hayden Associates, lauds the men and women who will usher supply chain management into its next renaissance.


10 Tips
Understanding 10+2 Requirements
The Customs and Border Protection agency's Importer Security Filing regulation has become commonly known as the 10+2 initiative because it requires importers and vessel-operating carriers to provide trade data (10 elements and two elements each, respectively) for non-bulk cargo shipments arriving into the United States via ocean. Here are 10 tips for complying with the new regulations

Reader Profile
Daniel Most: Making the Pieces Fit
Walgreens distribution center dispatcher Daniel Most put his love of puzzles to work in the DHL Fast Forward, a worldwide logistics simulation -- and helped his team achieve an impressive finish.

Refrigerated Transport: Really Remote Control
The Monday-morning discovery of a malfunctioning reefer full of spoiled poultry products prompted Siloam Springs, Arkansas-based food distributor Simmons Foods to implement Star Trak's tracking and monitoring software in its trailers and refrigerated units.

Web_Cite City

The most comprehensive directory of logistics web sites on the Internet. Organized by category and fully searchable, it's the easiest way to find logistics sites.
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