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Warehouse Labor Performance: Award-Winning Strategies
As Inbound Logistics readers know, a warehouse is far more than a place for storing inventory. Today's high-tech distribution centers have more mechanical capabilities than ever, but it's the workforce that truly runs the show. Learn how creative labor management practices, together with process improvements, can generate millions in warehouse savings and productivity gains

Getting Lean and Going Green:
Innovations in Warehouse Operations

When warehouses and DCs explore innovative ways to optimize flow and reduce waste, the benefits can be bottom-line friendly and eco-friendly, too.

Economic Development: The Great Divide
When it comes to economic development, there are two Americas -- communities that invest in transportation infrastructure and those that don't. Here are three that do.

Spokane: Hub of the Inland Northwest
Looking for easy access to major U.S. markets? A gateway for international trade free of traffic snarls? Inexpensive utilities and real estate with plenty of room to expand logistics or manufacturing operations? Spokane is just what you're looking for.



Viewpoint: Four Fast Ways to Cut Transport Spend
Managers can take four quick actions to get a better handle on transportation cost increases. John Haber, partner, transportation and logistics for NPI Financial Logistics, outlines the plan.

Supply Chain Security:
Technology Standards Hold the Key to Security

Developing a supply chain technology standard is an operational mandate for heightened security, according to Dan Gardner, president of Trade Facilitators Inc.

Reader Profile: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Former Army logistician Fred Clark puts his military experience to good use as director of support services at Kingfisher Regional Hospital in Kingfisher, Okla.



TMS Buyers Guide 2008
Inbound Logistics' annual TMS Buyers Guide serves up an assorted menu of market players and solutions that can help satisfy your enterprise's appetite for dynamic transportation management and performance.

IT Matters: Improving Fleet Management Performance
Optimizing the fleet management network can help drive profits without compromising efficiency. Kelly Killingsworth, senior director of transportation lifecycle management at Manhattan Associates shows you how.

DC Solutions: A Sorted Tale
A new automated sorter helps American Wholesale Book Company get the right books to the right place and into the hands of eager bookworms.

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