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 It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between demand and supply, between strategy and tactics, and it lies somewhere between the pit of an enterprise's fears and the summit of its visibility and knowledge. Welcome to... The 3PL Zone

"Go Ahead...Pile it On"
Outsourcers today expect the world of their 3PLs, piling on requests for value-added services such as repackaging, freight bill audit/payment, and vendor management. How do 3PLs rise to the challenge?

Outsourced Logistics: 4Ward Momentum
What is the real role of today's 4PLs? How do they differ from 3PLs? Inbound Logistics takes a closer look at this growing segment of outsourced logistics.

Reader's Choice: Top 10 3PLs
Which 3PLs do the best job handling your logistics needs? We asked and you responded, with more than 4,500 votes. See which 3PLs readers single out as market leaders. For a digital version of the Top 10 3PLs, click here

Top 100 3PL Providers
All the information you need to find the 3PL that best meets your logistics outsourcing challenges. NEW! Online decision support tool lets you enter your specific challenges, and serves up those 3PLs who can best meet your needs.


From cost of deployment to the latest features, there are many new
things to learn about today's transportation management systems
(TMS). Learn eight dirty little secrets to help you separate fact from fiction when evaluating providers.

2007 Forklift Buyer's Guide
Whether you are looking for electric, gas, LPG, or dual fuel models, you'll find these lift trucks are leaner, meaner, and greener. The companies featured in this special supplement offer the safest, best engineered, most ergonomic, efficient, reliable forklifts available. (They look hot, too!)


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Squeaky Wheels Get Political 'Oil'
The trucking industry faces many hurdles, but complacency is public enemy number-one. Carriers need to get involved, urges Doug Grane, president, Central States Trucking.

Getting Government to Understand the New Science of Transportation
When it comes to U.S. government policy-making, ignorance of intermodal freight transportation is almost universal, claims Gil Carmichael, senior chairman, Intermodal Transportation Institute, University of Denver.


Hassle-Free Electronic Invoicing: Now That's Hot!
HVACR wholesaler Johnstone Supply heats up efficiency with a cool electronic invoicing system.

Visibility: Seeing is Believing
Supply chain visibility produces numerous benefits, and a sigh of relief from those tasked with putting out fires, says Kevin Brady, owner and president, Satellite Logistics Group.


RFID: A Tale of Two Cities

With RFID vendors claiming it the best of times for RFID technology, and users taking a more worst-of-times attitude, who should you believe?


Web_Cite City

The most comprehensive directory of logistics web sites on the Internet. Organized by category and fully searchable, it's the easiest way to find logistics sites.
Search the Web_Cite City Database
Jevic has more than . Jevic is the smarter choice to move your freight directly from point A to point B. We can customize shipping solutions to your specifications. And our 1/2 of 1% claims ratio is one of the lowest in the industry.
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