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3PL Challenges Solved
Have a logistics or transportation challenge? Whether you need more supply chain visibility, accurate inventory management, or suggestions for cutting transportation costs, Inbound Logistics' team of 3PL experts can help. Click here for free, no-obligation guidance and advice.


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2009 Online Planners
Access the 2009 Inbound Logistics Planner online and as a digital download. You'll find detailed information on 150 market leaders who have crafted their solutions to fit your needs and help meet your demands for transportation speed and efficiency, lower inventories, quick and easy tracking and tracing, cycle time compression, and integrated logistics expertise. These are the companies that can help you drive change.


your tour guide to some of the best logistics site-seeing on the Internet. Use this web site directory as you seek new logistics solutions online.

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Switched On: Bringing the 3PL Machine to Life
By collaborating and growing with their transportation and logistics partners, companies tune up their supply chains -- and their enterprises -- to run like a well-oiled machine.

IL Exclusive Research: 3PL Perspectives 2009
3PL Perspectives combines more than 300 detailed 3PL questionnaires with 1,800 targeted responses from manufacturers and retailers to serve up an amalgamation of anecdotal insight, strategic synthesis, and nuts and bolts data that will help you create a better strategy for outsourcing success.
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Readers' Choice: Top 10 3PLs
When economic obstacles create operational challenges, it's more important than ever to have service providers you can count on. In some cases, the right partner makes all the difference. Our annual Readers' Choice 3PL Excellence Awards allow readers to let us know which 3PLs are helping them get through tough times.
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SMB/3PL Partnerships: Small Fish, Big Splash
When small- and medium-sized firms are ready to swim with the big fish, they team up with 3PLs to gain a sea of business capabilities.

Planning and Maintaining Your Dream Yard
One key to logistics success is a healthy, well-maintained trailer yard. YMS solutions provide the fertilizer to help grow a yard to be proud of.

Inbound Logistics' Summer Reading Guide 2009
Summer's lazy weekends and long nights are the perfect time to catch up on your logistics reading. Dive into these titles for a new supply chain perspective and a logistics knowledge boost.

Best Practices Playbook
Whether you're adding a new 3PL player to your team or improving your transit time to goal, our guide will coach you on game-winning logistics moves.
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Northwest Iowa:
Connectivity Beyond Expectations

At the core of America's heartland, Northwest Iowa delivers easy access to major markets, a first-class transportation infrastructure, a welcoming business environment, and outstanding workforce development programs.
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IT Matters
10+2: Origin and Destination in Collaboration
Bryn Heimbeck, CEO of Trade Tech Inc., explains why the key to successful 10+2 filing is establishing collaboration among players at both origin and destination.

Risks & Rewards
Foul Play: When Merchandise is Stolen, Who Pays?
C. Daniel Negron, TT Club vice president, examines stolen merchandise liability.

3PL Line
Mission-Critical Service Parts Logistics:
Making the Impossible Possible

Gary Weiss, executive vice president of global operations, Choice Logistics, outlines strategies for mission-critical service parts logistics.


SC Perspectives
Automation Grows, But We Still Need People
Alongside automated processing, there is still room for human input and control, writes IL Contributing Editor Robert Malone.

10 Tips
Choosing a Mobile Communications Device/Solution
Jonathan Turner, chief information officer for logistics provider 3PD Inc., offers advice on selecting a new mobile communications system.


DC Solutions
Warehouse Automation: Siemens Sorts It Out
Postal and parcel solutions supplier Siemens sees labor cost and floor space savings, significant improvements in employee ergonomics and morale, and a fast return on investment from its new materials handling system.

Reader Profile
A Woman of Taste
Beth Ford, executive vice president, head of supply chain, for International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. thrives on high-pressure situations.


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